2006 June Exhibition at Information security Expo in Tokyo Big site June 29th to July 1st
2004 October   Exhibition at Small and Medium Enterprise Expo in Intex Osaka
2004 September   Launch IT support for Kyoto traditional neckwear manufacture.
2004 September   Exhibition at Small and Medium Enterprise Expo in Tokyo Bigsite.
2004 June   Exhibition at Business wave 21in Nagoya
2004 May   Exhibition at Manufacturing IT fare in Okayama
2004 February   Won "Encouragement Prize" by information security box
"FOUSHIN"in the 2003
Nagoya City Industrial Technology Grandprix.
2004 February   Exhibition at NET&COM2004.
February 4- February 6, 2004
2004 January   Exhibition at National messe of industrial association forum.
January 21, 2004
2003, October   Exhibition at TOKYO BIG SITE.
29, October to 31, October
2003, August   Start operation of the Production Management System in China; an innovative management plan registered in Aichi prefecture.
2003, July   Development of "ARGUSM3 Revised version"
2003, February   Start sales of "EXPOSURE TIMER"
2002, January   Start sales of "TCP/IP converter"
2001, December   Development of "ARGUSM3"
※Its main function is to observe PC operation. With this application, you can check worker's efficiency and process the productivity of soft ware development
2001, March   Development of "Iruka-Kun", device for recording attendance.
2000, March   Patent for "The device of sending Information and the way of communication."